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Empowering esports educators around the world

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What is the Institute?

The Esports Institute of Education and Technology is the first digital research center dedicated to the practice of esports in an academic setting. We are committed to the continuous improvement of methods, practices and structures for esports enthusiasts and professionals alike. Acting as a living ecosystem for industry specialists, the Institute offers highly adaptable services such as training programs and professional support for coaches, educators and esports-athletes worldwide.

We are a team of experts coming from diverse professional and academic backgrounds with more than 40 years of cumulative experience in the esports sphere. Our past accomplishments include the creation and management of multiple NPOs, including an esports federation, and successful professional teams or esports leagues.

We have dedicated the past 4 years to the development of several Esports curriculums through which we have sought to provide an environment in which gamers can improve in their field, but also grow as individuals. We are notably responsible for the first esports-study program in Canada.


At the Institute, we firmly believe that inspiring gamers and coaches has to be done under the guiding standards of, Prevention, Education and Ethics. By doing so, we ensure the highest level of quality and security in the development process of students and coaches. We firmly believe that all esports organizations could greatly benefit from following these standards.


The Institute recognizes that Ethics are a reflection of the values that guide and motivate our actions. Institutions must put in place moral guidelines such as justice and equity and invite their employees to respect them.


The Institute wants to promote the learning and development of intellectual, moral and physical faculties, ressources and results surrounding the practice of esports and its related fields.


The Institute acknowledges that the well-being of athletes and coaching staff is a priority. In order to avoid physical and psychological problems, prevention is therefore omnipresent in everything we do.

Ethics Standards include :

  • Code of ethics
  • Inclusion
  • Ecological impact

The Educational Standards include :

  • The pedagogical framework
  • Personal development
  • The esports athlete development plan

The Prevention Standards include :

  • Healthy habits
  • Cyberaddiction
  • Suicide prevention

Professionnal Support

We want your esports initiatives to be successful and to have a lasting positive effect on your community. We know how hard it is to achieve this and we want to be able to help you!

Our diverse experiences ensure that we will be able to direct your efforts and resources in the right direction. If you are an esports association, esports team, esports center or an education establishment, we are confident that not only our experiences but also our vision of the future will be valuable for your organization.

League specific coaching formation

Discipline development plan

Athlete development plan

Curriculum adaptation

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Infrastructure Payback Program

The IPP is an accreditation specific to LAN centers, Esports centers and other similar businesses. By becoming a member of the EIET you will have access to the full Infrastructure Payback Program and allow you to unlock your establishment’s potential through education and the best practices available. The IPP is the first step towards an EIET accreditation for your esports centric establishment.

IPP offers many solutions to make existing installations more profitable :

  • Academy Business model
  • Day camps
  • Community development
  • Training programs for head coach
  • Extra-curricular program
  • Coaching Education Program
  • Performance Training Program
  • Becoming a reseller of licences for the EIET partners network (programs and curricula)

A living ecosystem

The EIET is at the heart of a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to the development of esports education and enhancing the cyber athletes’ wellbeing. This dynamic network is composed of educators, students and researchers sharing common interests in order to promote access to the most recent scientific data and researches, pursue open-minded discussions and integrate the best available resources and methods into esports programs.

Ongoing researches :

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To better understand the reality of cyber-athletes in esports. 
Ongoing research (french), Canada Research Chair on Technologies in Education (Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D).

Chair’s website.

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Identifying and promoting recognized criteria for effective early intervention with young people to adress risk behaviours related to alcohol and other drug use, gaming and gambling, and Internet use.
Ongoing research, Université de Sherbrooke (Karine Dufour, Ph.D et al.)

Research summary.

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Exploration des characteristiques des eSportifs en milieu scolaire.
Preliminary research project (french), Université du Québec à Montréal (Antoine Lemey, Ph.D candidate; Magali Dufour, Ph.D).

Preliminary results.

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Esports Section in the formation : Excessive gambling and other behevioural addictions – Prevention, treatment and community action.
Incoming project (french), CHUV- Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (Dre. Melina Andronicos, Ph.D).

Project website.

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Identifying the place that women currently occupy in the video game industry in Quebec.
Incoming research, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (Gabrielle Trepanier-Jobin, Ph.D, Laura Iseut LaFrance St-Martin, Ph.D student, Élodie Simard, MA candidate, Pauline Zampolini, MA candidate).

Professor’s website.

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